Commitment to Service

September 11th is now annually recognized as a National Day of Service and Remembrance or Patriot Day (Pub. Law § 111-13).

The 9/11 SHS Memorial Committee invites you to serve our community and country by making a difference on the lives of others. We seek to inspire everyone to carry forward each day, through actions towards others, the remarkable spirit of unity, understanding, and service that brought us together in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks. You are encouraged to voluntarily perform at least one service activity during this year.

Your service pledge will be recognized on Patriot Day (September 11th) during our annual candle lighting ceremony held at Seaford High School. Service pledges will be presented to congressional representatives at the candle lighting ceremony as well. Pledges may include individual, community or school service projects and can be submitted online via the form below or by mail at: 9/11 SHS Memorial Committee, P.O. Box 2425, Seaford, NY 11783.

Please contact Cindy Schaaf: with any questions or to submit to her personally.